Puff Quilt Island Batik Challenge

The February Challenge for the Island Batik Ambassadors was to make a Puff Quilt! There were other suggestion like buttons and whimsical details, so creative flair was free game!

This was definitely out of my comfort zone. I looked at the difficulties people had with Puff Quilts, and that’s why I decided to make the puffs a design element.

Our ambassador boxes arrive, where I discovered I received Prairie Dreams for this challenge, full of beautiful tones of gold, blue, and purple. That’s when I decided to take inspiration of a river winding through a dry grassy prairie. The puffs became bubbles through the river, and I was happy to have that come together.

With the thin, sturdy batiks, I took a neutral white and created origami lotuses. I experimented with sewing these to blocks, but in the end decided pinning was better for the functionality to take them off and wash separately when the occasion calls.

I used Hobbs black batting to make the richness of these colors shine as I quilted grassy and watery patterns in Aurifil Passion Flower variegated thread. This was a three needle quilt, with Schmetz quilting needles on hand.

I’m called it “Wandering Lotuses” as the flowers float along, far from their pond home. I hope you enjoy this design as much as I have!

Don’t forget to enter Island Batik’s generous giveaway!

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You can pick up Prairie Dreams in stores at Creekside Quilts OR JellyRollFabric.Net

Last note: kitties can’t resist puff quilts!


  1. Delightful! I love what you did with the river and the lotus flowers. So creative. Have a wonderful day!

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  2. Pretty quilt, kitty is sure having fun playing.

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  3. Connie Kauffman says:

    You were very creative in using the puffs as a design element. Love the watery flow

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  4. Michele T says:

    Your quilt is gorgeous… love the colours in this collection too!


  5. annalutzbrown says:

    Nice different and nice ty for sharing..love this line of fabric

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  6. Joyce Carter says:

    Your design is very creative. I love it!

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  7. Julie Bailey says:

    What a clever use of this fabric for the puff quilt challenge. I love the lotus flowers floating down the water. Thanks for sharing.

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  8. Lori Smanski says:

    this is so gorgeous. I love your creativity in making this quilt. thanks for sharing

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  9. Kathrie says:

    Truly an art quilt, great interpretation of the task and thoughtfully executed. The lotus flowers are a nice 3D add on.

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  10. Kathrie says:

    My particularly challenging quilting project is a Jacqueline DeJonge paper pieced quilt. It is simply not fitting together and the more I fuss with it to make the curves fit the more the markings come off. So, I am in the process of overcoming it, I just need to figure out how I will do that. I may take what is finished and re imagine it into a new project. Challenges that turn in to obstacles are never an easy solutions!

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  11. Dawn F. says:

    I really love how you made the puffs part of the design, thanks for sharing another way to make a puff quilt.

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  12. Brittany, I love this…especially those flowers! Beautiful!

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